Congratulations, Wild Woman Bonnie McKinney!

Bonnie McKinney poses with one of her newly collared and tranquilized black bears.  (Photo courtesy Texas Parks and Wildlife.)

I’m excited to announce that Bonnie McKinney has been named one of the top twenty “Wild Women of Texas Conservation” by Texas Parks and Wildlife for her efforts to protect black bears in West Texas.  To read Bonnie’s story, please click here: Bonnie McKinney Nominated To Top 20 Wild Women

Bonnie is the heroine in my new book, The Legend of El Patron:  A True Story.  Bonnie saved the outlaw bear El Patron from certain death after the starving animal followed his nose to a poorly kept hunting camp and wrecked the place.  During her life’s work as a black bear researcher, Bonnie has trapped over 200 bears and radio-collared 71. When she captured the bear she named El Patron, the two became celebrities throughout the national and state parks and wildlife research communities.

Bonnie is an excellent role model for young women who love the outdoors and desire to be part of wildlife conservation efforts.  Congratulations, my friend.  This honor is so richly deserved and highlights the important contribution women can have in wildlife conservation.

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