Fun Stuff for Kids

I love art, but I’m not very good at drawing.  I have, however, found some nifty tricks that make drawing easier.  Would you like to draw a bear?  It’s easy with thumbprint art.  Here’s how you do it…

Open a washable ink pad and place your thumb firmly on the pad.  (If you don’t have an ink pad, you can color the pad of your thumb with a washable marker.

Quickly press your thumb firmly on a sheet of paper. Be sure to wash the ink off your thumb when you’re done!

Now, use a pen or pencil to draw the eyes.

thumbprint bear 1

Bear ears are easy to make, but you need to place them in the right position.  The ears begin just to the side of the bear’s eyes.

thumbprint bear 1 (1)

Finally, draw in the bear’s nose and mouth.

thumbprint bear 1 (2)

Wasn’t that easy?  If you’d like to learn how to make other thumbprint art, check out Ed Emberley’s Great Thumbprint Drawing Book.

Check back soon for more FUN STUFF!

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