The Best-Laid Plans and Covid-19

This was to be the best month ever for my new book The Legend of El Patron:  A True Story.  I was invited to present the book at both the Tucson Festival of Books and the Texas Library Association conference in Houston.  Then the Covid-19 pandemic began.

David and I were half way to Tucson when I received an email that the Tucson Festival of Books had been cancelled.  Just a few days later, the Texas Library Association followed suit.  To say the least, I’m disappointed.  On top of it all, I now have 100 copies of the book, swag (advertising materials), as well as posters and stickers.  I don’t know what I will do with them.

In spite of the disappointment, I’m feeling rather philosophical about the experience.  I know that so many have it so much worse than me.  I also don’t know what the future holds for this tale about an outlaw Texas bear.  Time will tell, and we will see.  For now, let’s just stay safe and see where this all leads us.  Blessings to each of you.

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